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Hatlines 73 | EN

Hatlines 73 | EN


Hatlines 73 EN | Spring 2021

In this issue:

Cover hat by Vera Klomp cover
Vera Klomp, tribute to a great artist report
Me and hats, Carin Reinders' hats report
Trends & colours S/S 2021 trends
Students' experience at SintLucas College column
The headwear style of Amber Butchart hat collection
By order of the Peaky Blinders report
Keep your spirit up by Koos van der Wal column
From the old days by Olga van der Weert snippet
Winner of the Public Choice Award 2020 Wies Mauduit event
Interview with Bettina Thomas interview
Faith & fashion by Alice So column
The Panama Hat Company interview
Announcement NHV Hat Show 2021 event
Making a lap workboard technique
Technology behind the scenes technique
Melbourne International Millinery Competition 2021 report
An extra beautiful summer by Rob de Groot column
Notre Dame de Bon Secours by Wies Mauduit column
New member Nathalie Klomp new member