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Hat Couture (EN)

Hat Couture (EN)


Marianne Jongkind's handbook for hat making techniques Hat Couture can be enjoyed by everybody interested in hat making, whether you are a novice or an experienced hat designer, as all the 22 hat projects are explained step by step with clear photos.

Marianne Jongkind has made a huge contribution to the world of millinery in the Netherlands throughout her impressive career spanning almost 60 years. This is not only because of the many hats she has designed over the past 30 years for so many Dutch couturiers, but also because virtually all of the prominent Dutch hat designers have learned their tricks of the trade from her. It is not for nothing that she is called the ‘Grande Dame’ of the Dutch hat world.

From the moment that Marianne started working for couturiers at the end of the 1980s, she compiled work folders in which she kept all the sketches, pieces of fabric and photos of non-standard assignments that came her way. After a few decades she had archived a nice body of work. Delving into her archive during the past year, Marianne selected some of her favourite designs. In this book she gives a description of the various techniques she used in these creations.

No. of pages: 208
ISBN-number: 978-90-830505-1-5

The book will be shipped as a mailbox package.

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